About Imagine Experience

Innovators, creators, and memory makers

Imagine Experience is a team of innovators, creators, and memory makers that produces exceptionally customized experiences for businesses that want to engage their most important people: employees, customers, and clients. Headquartered in Los Angeles with clients across all industries and geographies, we take pride in our relentless ability to create unforgettable moments, all while maintaining a 100% client retention rate and driving consistently high ROI and profitability for our customers.


Our story

Bill McCoy, founder of Imagine Experience, began his career as a production assistant in the entertainment industry. He quickly climbed the ranks to executive producer of a large media entertainment company at the age of 25. In this role, he produced over 1000 live events across North America. His team grew from 8 to 72 during his two-year journey, and company revenue increased 4300%.

Bill then went out on his own and formed Nocturnal Entertainment, an entertainment asset management company that began delivering sponsor-driven live experiences across North America. With clients spanning Fortune 1000 and Inc. 5000 lists, Bill and his team successfully engaged millions of people at the events they produced.


Imagine Is Born

Seeing social media as an emerging profit center for his clients, Bill realized the power of harnessing the attention of social media followers and was a pioneer in monetizing online fan bases. Following the success achieved for the talent on Nocturnal’s roster, partnerships with brands such as Porsche, Martin Guitar, UFC, Boston Pizza soon emerged.

Bill understood the power of the access he had as a talent manager. Ready for a new challenge, he founded Imagine Experience to use that access to create unique and engaging experiences for businesses. Today, Imagine is in the perfect position to cater to the growing experience-driven economy created by the younger generation and to help businesses leverage experiences for their engagement needs.

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