Two men in the foreground, listening and in good moods, while sitting in a restaurant. Each are wearing a lei.

Client Engagement That Sparks Sales Conversations

Interacting with clients and prospects and keeping a high profile at industry events is a core strategy to service existing accounts and close new ones. We create the perfect environment for you to build relationships through a shared experience.

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Get the Home-Court Advantage

Client communication and relationship building is more powerful when you call the shots. We specialize in designing fascinating experiences that your invitees will beg to attend. Entertaining your top clients and key prospects has never had a bigger impact.

Criteo Sees 23x Return on Investment by Engaging Conference Attendees With a Unique Indonesian Dinner Experience

  • 84% increase in attendance from previous year at same conference

  • 71% of invited clients and prospects attended, reaching full capacity

  • Onsite sales team members closed $1.53mm in signed agreements from existing and new clients made during the experience, bringing 23x ROI

  • Marketing team saved time by not chasing invitees

  • Experience became the premiere evening event for conference attendees

A woman wearing a lei, holding a brown mug, is smiling as she listening to someone speaking at the dinner table.

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