A tropical oasis setting with mountains in the background.

Criteo Sees 23x ROI 

By Engaging Conference Attendees With a Unique Experience

AI-powered digital advertising agency overcomes traditionally poor event attendance by inviting clients and prospects to a dinner experience during eTail West.


  • 30% of the invited guests would RSVP, and only 50% of those would attend

  • Obtaining 7x ROI goal on client development spend at conferences


  • Designed a unique dinner experience that exceeded goals while positioning Criteo as the top event to attend during the conference


  • 71% of invited clients and prospects attended, reaching full capacity

  • Marketing team saved time by not chasing invitees

  • Criteo’s experience became the premiere evening event for conference attendees

  • Prospects were asking Criteo for access to the experience

  • Clients began to ask their account executive at Criteo what they were planning for future conferences

  • Onsite sales team members closed $1.53mm in signed agreements from new and existing clients made during the experience, bringing 23x ROI

Criteo helps Internet retailers advertise to consumers through personalized retargeting campaigns. As a global agency with offices in eighteen countries, maintaining its position as a leader in the industry is paramount to Criteo’s ongoing success. 


Interacting with clients and prospects and keeping a high profile at industry events is a core sales strategy to service existing accounts and close new ones. Evening activities are great opportunities for interaction; however, the competition is fighting for time with the same people, and getting commitments for dinner in an ongoing challenge.


To maximize engagement strategy at the conference, Imagine created an experience that was different from the standard conference dinner by providing many layers to broadly engage attendees while transporting them to an Indonesian paradise in the desert. Criteo’s sales and marketing teams were able to focus on the conference before spending quality time connecting with clients and prospects during the experience. 


Imagine designed the experience based on Criteo’s objectives: located within 15 minutes of the conference, an environment where the sales team could connect with attendees, at a unique venue, great food and ambiance, and on budget. The result was an experience at an incredible Balinese-style estate with live music, drinks, food prepared by a local celebrity chef, and a vibe that no one wanted to leave at the end of the night.


Christina Alibrandi,

Sr Manager, Experiential and Field Marketing

“I trusted Imagine Experience to create an  incredible event for our executive level clients during a very busy conference. We needed our event to stand out and be the “must attend” event as there were a lot of other competing parties that evening. The experience Imagine put on was absolutely incredible. Everything leading up the event, during and post was flawless allowing us to focus on driving the right audience to attend and capturing the most ROI post event. As a result our return on investment significantly exceeded our expectations”

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