A group of people in a Land Rover, on safari in Africa, driving through a water hole in the bush, while taking photographs.

Excite, Engage, and

Activate Your Audience

There is no better way to incentivize existing customers and attract new ones than offering unique experiences. Whether it be a sweepstakes, product launch, promotional campaign, or a contest, we create opportunities for authentic customer engagement. Our reliable and effective marketing approach strengthens brand awareness and taps into the power of highly-shareable social content.

A woman and two men, each riding a camel through the wilderness in Kenya.

Motivate Your Customers to do More

From acquisition to affinity, creating sustainable and engaging customer relationships is our top priority. We learn about your customer, fine-tune our marketing approach, and drive them towards a measurable goal through personalized sweepstakes, contests, events, product launches,
and promotional campaigns.

Leading Global Technology Company Receives 340K+ Sweepstakes Entries and 60% Increase in Email Marketing Open Rate From Loyalty Program Members by Offering Unique Experiences

By perfectly delivering on these two experiences, Imagine successfully satisfied the customer base and delivered a compelling story with robust shareable social content including photo slideshows, experience recaps, and highlight videos.

Program performance: 35,990 unique entrants, 343,091 total entries, and 6+ million points spent.

Six guests, two guides, and one tribesman posing for a photo in front of two safari vehicles in Kenya.

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