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Deepen the Engagement of Your Player Community

With over 50 years of combined experience in lottery, loyalty, and engagement marketing, Imagine specializes in creating extraordinary moments for winners. Our innovative prizes for lotteries deliver unique experiences that money-can’t-buy. We know how to design the experience to fit your needs and capture content that will engage your
entire player community. 

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Offer experiences that have your players living like Powerball® winners

Our unique experiences are tailored to your winners’ needs. We understand that content interaction with your player community increases engagement and that experiences drive sales. By delivering inspiring moments in lieu of cash prizes, we enhance your marketing efforts to drive high ROI.

Missouri Lottery Second Chance Promotion Generates $22mm 

in Incremental Profit

  • Imagine executed six unique experiences for the grand prizes and provided the marketing focus for the promotion

  • 2206.7% ROI on Holiday Chill Out Promotion with $290,337,036 in actual sales

  • 1578.4% ROI on Summer Sports promotion with $337,982,905 in actual sales

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